Rolling E Blues – Eric Madis – Guitar Tab

An awesome little piece of blues music to practice your fingerstyle. One of the first songs I learned to play.

Download: Rolling E Blues by Eric Madis | Guitar Tabs by Maja Roedenbeck (PDF; 2,00 Euro; 60 Days Right of Withdrawal)

Please, support the artist and subscribe to his JamPlay channel before using guitar tab.

Find more fingerstyle blues guitar tabs here.

4 thoughts on “Rolling E Blues – Eric Madis – Guitar Tab

    1. Dear Eric, it’s such an honor to have you as a visitor on my website!! Please, let me know if you don’t appreciate me offering the guitar tabs for your beautiful Rolling E Blues, I will take them down immediately. I just couldn’t find them anywhere else on the internet and I know many guitar players would love to learn how to play the song. And some of them (like me) are better with tabs than with YouTube video lessons. That’s why I took the time to write them down. All the best, Maja

  1. Thanks for sharing the tabs. It’s appears Jam Play was incomplete and only posted 3 of an intended 14 lesson series. Eric has posted lessons (7 total, I think) on You Tube. Do these tabs keep up to date as that progresses? That would be SUPER! I’m still working to perfect lesson 2.

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